Things to make your Jordan Petra Tour Complete

The rose-red city of Petra will offer you the impeccable beauty of Jordan. The multicolored sandstones and the archaeological treasures will provide you memories to treasure for a lifetime. Petra is a place that never fails to surprise travelers. Make sure to plan a complete Jordan Petra tour by visiting all the famous sites and exploring the exciting activities at Petra.

Some of the must-do things at Petra include:

  • Start with Bab Al-Siq Triclinium and Obeslik Tomb

On arriving at the Visitors’ Centre, this is the monument that will welcome you to Petra. The triclinium is the place where the Nabateans had their sacrificing feast to pay honor to the dead. Bab Al-Siq is the entrance from where your journey of Petra begins.

  • Explore the Cobblestone water channels

The water channels passing through the rocks are something worth exploring. The deep, narrow, and long gorge will offer you a view of the natural golden beauty. While taking a walk through the Al-Siq, make sure not to miss out on the spectacular view of the water channels in Petra.

  • Experience the Spectacular View of Petra

During your Jordan Petra tour, make sure not to skip the Spectacular view of Petra from the top. Take a 100 step plight to reach the top of the High Palace of Sacrifice and experience the mesmerizing view of Petra from the top.

  • Ride a Horse Carriage

A horse ride at Petra can add adventure to your entire Jordan trip. When you are tired of walking, a horse ride can provide you maximum comfort while you admire the beauty of the place.

  • Relax at Movenpick Resort Petra

You can easily find many resorts and hotels at Petra. According to your budget and taste of food, you can choose one. But if you like to go with the popular choice of the tourists, then Movenpick Resort Petra is the best option for you. The authentic interior and warm hospitality will offer you the best experience.

  • Ride a Camel

Without a camel ride, your Jordan Petra tour is incomplete. As the camel rides through Petra are very safe, make sure to experience them once on your visit to Jordan.

  • Have a Conversation with the Bedouins

Make sure not to miss a chance of having conversations with the desert people of Petra. The Bedouins are generous and humble, and can fluently speak different languages. Engaging in a conversation with them can be really exciting, and you can know more about the place.

  • Mount up the 800 stairs of Al-Dier

The monastery Al-Dier is known as the second most popular monument in Petra. Take a deep breath and climb up the 800 stairs of the monastery and explore the breathtaking architecture.

  • Visualize the Sunset

The sunsets at Petra are considered to be one of the most beautiful sunsets on earth. Make sure to watch the sunset at Petra and witness the cobblestone turning into rose gold when the last beams of the sun falls on them.

If you are planning to visit Petra, Jordan, make sure to add all the list mentioned above to your travel plan to experience the best.