The changing world of LED and how it is changing the world?

The LED (แอ อี ดี , which is the term in Thai) has been a matter of great research and development from the inception of it. One of the most important aspects of LEDs is that the research and development are still going on and new advancements are coming up almost every day from all over the world. One of the most recent and rather most significant changes that occurred in the world of LEDs has come from Thinklite, a Thailand based light manufacturing company who have come up with some revolutionary initiatives to the LEDs.

Thinklite and the revolution they have brought to the LED world

Thinklite with a partnership with Germany based company and in consultation with Samsung R&D division has come up with the idea of an A1 chip that circulates the electricity around the chip itself thus the heat accumulation reduces to a great extent. On the other hand to bring out the most effective way to increase the shelf life and overall life span of the LEDs they have reduced the parts of LEDs from 125 to only 4 this makes the assembly of the lights easier. 

One of the major LED products launched by Thinklite is LED t8 bulb ( หลอด ไฟ led t8, which is the term in Thai) which is much more superior than its predecessors. The new t8 bulb is great as it consumes even less energy than the regular ones or even the earlier version of LEDs. The new t8 has a capacity of producing 160 lumens per Watt and thus gives out much more light than the regular ones. So, if you are in Thailand and thinking of getting new bulbs for home or office place then go with Thinklite t8 bulb as they are both much more energy and economically efficient.