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Signs That Your Water Heater Is Asking for Help

It can be so annoying when water heaters decide to go on hiatus when you are in the middle of taking a shower or doing the laundry. It seems as though the problem comes out of nowhere. Although, you might think of it that way, the reality is that the warnings were probably present, but you did not recognize them as being something to consider. If this happens in Texas, you do not need to despair because you can contact professional plumbers that offer water heater repair San Antonio residents and the folks of the surrounding area depend upon to restore or replace their tank-style or tankless appliances.

A traditional heater might last from eight to 12 years and a tankless one 20 or even longer. It depends on the quality of the heating unit and if a maintenance program has been in place. According to Energy.gov website, heating water for the home contributes to 18 percent of your home’s energy consumption. Making sure your water heater is an Energy Star certified product is crucial for lowering your household expenses.

Here are indications your water heater has seen better days:

  1. The color of the water coming out of the faucet has suddenly taken on a rusty brown or yellowish hue showing that the inside of the tank could be suffering from corrosion issues.
  2. Loud Banging, grinding, squeaking and popping sounds coming from your heating device might occur when there is an accumulation of residue or calcium sediments that requires applying an irrigation process for removal.
  3. Of course, when no hot water is available, it could mean something as simple as the pilot light went out and needs to be reignited. In the case of an electric heating system, it could imply there is trouble with the components, which could require replacements or a completely new heater.
  4. Leaking or puddles of water collecting on the floor around the bottom of the furnace suggest the furnace could have a loose fitting that should be secured. However, if that is not the case, it is a strong possibility there is a crack that will continue to increase, resulting in serious water damage.

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