Reasons to See a Sports Medicine Professional  

Sports medicine is a fairly new medical specialty, but it has become indispensable for athletes. Because sports injuries are so common among professional and recreational athletes, heading to a doctor who specializes in these types of injuries is extremely beneficial.

Sports Medical Professionals

These doctors have additional training in conditions that affect those who participate in sports. They treat a variety of sports injuries and help athletes prevent future injuries. Some sports medicine professionals are orthopedic surgeons who specialize in bone and muscle.

Sports doctors aren’t just for athletes, though. Anyone who exercises or plays sports on the weekends may find themselves suffering from a sports injury. If you suffer an injury, you may head to your primary doctor first, who may then refer you on to a sports medicine professional.

Reasons to see a sports medicine specialist:

  1. For acute injuries: An acute injury is one that happens while you are working out or participating in sports. These include things like sprains, strains, broken bones, or Achilles tendon tears. You’ll know you have an acute injury if you feel a sudden pain, swelling, weakness, a bone that looks out of place, or a loss of movement.
  2. Chronic sports injuries: Chronic sports injuries are those that develop over time. They may occur because you are training too much or too hard. These injuries include rotator cuff problems, tendinitis, or stress fractures. Symptoms of chronic injuries include pain while you’re exercising, swelling that is worse after you play or exercise, or pain that continues long after your activity stops.
  3. Recovery after a sports injury: If you have had a sports injury in the past, or had surgery for a sports-related injury, a sports medicine professional can help you recover and get back to your daily activities. They will develop a plan of care to get you back on track. Sports injury doctors will outline your recovery schedule, prescribe medications that will help reduce any swelling or pain, help you with rehabilitation exercises, use massage to promote healing, and more.
  4. Prevent sports injuries: Sports medical professionals can also help you prevent a sports injury. Prevention is a great reason to visit a sports medicine doctor. Those who are starting a new exercise program or a new sport may want to schedule a visit in order to have a physical exam that will ensure the sport or activity is safe for them. Additionally, a sports medicine doctor can design a conditioning and exercise program that will allow you to get in shape for the activity. They’ll provide you with advice about safe training and equipment, give you nutrition tips, and even design a program of warm-up, stretching, and cooldown routines to help keep you safe before and after you workout or play.

If you’re an athlete contact a sports medicine West Nyack NY professional and make an appointment today.