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People often need an additional source of income, especially if one job’s salary doesn’t cover their expenses. If you are in the same boat, then you are likely looking for some ways to earn additional money. There are some skills that you will find are always in demand. Some of these are in the creative field, and the great thing about them is that they can allow you to work from anywhere. Here are some options available to you if you have the creative touch.




One good option for a said job is to start freelance writing. There is a very low barrier to entry for this sort of job since there are some people who are looking for writers who write good English at the minimum. You won’t be getting a big payday from these clients, but they can provide you with additional funds.


But if you get good at it, a creative agency can hire you for high-paying jobs. There is a high demand for good writing out there. People still read a lot, whether it is on websites or printed material. Writing content for these agencies can net you a decent payday. It all depends on the rates that you charge. You can charge by the word, or you can request a flat payment for each article. 


The great thing about freelance writing is that you can develop your skills in it. Even if you start with no experience, you can soon develop the skills of becoming a well-paid writer.


Graphic Design


Another creative choice is for the visual arts, and it is a graphic designer. Those logos and letterheads that companies use come from their skills. Expert graphic designers work to create a visual identity for their clients. Unlike writing, there is a much higher barrier for entry to become a graphic designer.


While formal training is not a necessity, there are some essential skills you cannot avoid. One of these is expertise in the right software. Most graphic designers need to work with Photoshop and other image manipulation software to get the job done. There are various online resources you can use to learn more about graphic design. Besides the investment in learning, you also need to buy the software to do this job.


But the money you spend on studying graphic design can be worth it. Freelance graphic design rates can be pretty good. Depending on the project, you might bill your client by the hour or charge a flat rate. You will likely start with layouts as you start to develop your skills. This is usually the cheapest task you can offer. As you grow in skill, you will start being offered additional graphic design jobs.


Web Developer


While not viewed as a creative job, being a web developer draws on several creative fields. For one, you need to layout the website properly, which is an element of graphic design. Besides that, you need to ensure that the website is visually effective. You also need to provide content for the website, though your client will probably provide some of that.


But there is also the technical side. Coding a website is much easier than actual programs, but some specifics can cause you trouble in the long run. You need to ensure that the site loads fast and doesn’t cause any problems for the visitors. Additionally, a modern website will require the addition of video and audio components, along with integration with various apps.


All of this sounds complex, but it can be worth it. Web developers are pulling in decent income when they do it full-time. Part-time website creation can also be very lucrative with an average rate of $75 an hour for a medium-skilled developer. Your main obstacle will be training. There are two main skills to learn: HTML and CSS. Both of these markup languages are necessary if you want to start building websites. But that is not going to earn you any big money. You’ll need to supplement it with skills in Javascript, which allows for animation and other dynamic features. You should also look at popular online platforms like WordPress. With a good spread of skills, you should be able to get a decent set of clients.


Earning extra cash should be easy in a market that is always hungry for additional labor. Learn the right skills and put in the work. Your efforts will soon be rewarded with a decent stream of income.



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