Lou Hampers recommends you choose wisely for your child’s sake

On your way to the hospital to give birth or deliver, it is a day filled with anxiety, excitement, and some pain. You definitely want to go with everything in place. However, there are numerous items you must ensure you have not overlooked. The truth is that you do not have to have all that you need at the health facility. You will undoubtedly need to add some items to the baby clothing and other items. You should be acquainted with the pediatrician who will examine the child after birth and discharge her to your home. It is true that your OB or hospital might give some recommendations. However, stick with Lou Hampers. This helps a lot.

How clean is the office of the doctor?

Cleanliness is very important and should be the character trait of a good doctor. Check out the doctor’s office to make sure it is well-cleaned. Find out if there is a different area for waiting for sick kids and a place for kids who are well. Hospitals that handle both types of children are highly likely to get or be affected by some ailments that are contagious. This is why Lou Hampers says all the time that for a doctor, the sanitation of your whole working area and personal space is important. You do not want to be difficult. However, you should take your time to know for sure what they represent.

Checking the staff is not bad

Before you choose a pediatrician, you must consider all those who work with them in the specific space, both online and offline. How friendly are the staff? Since a pediatric clinic is for children, there is no need for you to smile. If the staff is not the right kind, it affects the children. Lou Hampers, for instance, is very accommodating. That is why you need to do your very best. This is where the age of the doctor comes in. The best for you to do is to make sure you choose based on what works for you. Old doctors come with quite some experience. However, they mostly retire in no time. Before your child grows, you might want to get someone younger like Dr. Hampers, who is always interested in current trends and keeps learning about the different ways to ensure children have the right level of health.

Considering your budget helps as well

No matter where you are in the world, it is not right to empty your account because you want an expensive pediatrician. You can get those at the best rates, but they can still treat your child well. You just need to believe in the services being offered by a good doctor or pediatrician who blends well with your child, and that is indeed exciting.


When a child grows, or as he or she grows, it becomes difficult for them to welcome pediatricians who are not the same sex. So, teenage ladies will prefer female pediatricians and vice versa. Also, do not beat your child because they asked for it. They have the right, and Lou Hampers says that it is a good thing for children to grow and become aware of their changing bodies.