Using Sex Dolls – Important Tips to Avoid Getting Stained

In using sex doll costumes, there are important considerations that should be taken into account. First, choose a doll costume that is comfortable and well made. Second, ensure that it comes with its own weapons and accessories. Third, make sure that the costume is free from any foul odor and of course, clean and sanitize it before you use it.

With these things in place, let’s see what else we need to look for when choosing our first sex doll. The following discussion may shed light on some important considerations.

Firstly, when using sex dolls for role play, remember to keep in mind that each body is different. Your partial sex doll probably has a plastic body with fixed and mobile joints which enable it to be more flexible and perform various types of poses. Usually, there are screw attachment points in the legs, the neck and even the feet. It is common for the partial sex doll to have some minor markings and traces of wear in those areas.

In using sex dolls, also consider the different heads available. Some dolls come with two faces, others come with many. The better quality dolls usually come with fully articulated heads, with expressions.

Choose your doll’s head according to the type of role you are going to play and of course, according to its realistic look. You can also look for other accessories such as belts, cuffs, shoes or stockings. These will help you to fully dress your sex doll.

When buying a full figure doll, you may want to consider using accessories. The most common accessory used by full figure sex dolls is the lingerie. If you are using your doll for some kind of fetish game, then you may want to look for costumes and accessories that perfectly fit your character. Usually, partial sex dolls come with their own clothing, if they are not included with the doll itself.

There is one other accessory you may want to use: wigs. Yes, wigs are another accessory that you should look for when using sex dolls. Look for high quality wigs, preferably with at least two inch hair extensions. Be sure to buy good quality wigs that are suitable for use with partial dolls because different manufacturers produce different kinds of hair. Using a wig may look real, but it can also leave scars on your character if it is not properly cleaned.

Wearing comfortable outfits is very important when playing with sex dolls. Avoid tight fitting clothes that will bind and stick to your character. Also avoid wearing revealing clothes. You may want to look for loose fitting top, bottoms and bottom that will allow your doll’s natural curves to show. The best thing to do is to get an outfit that will allow you to move around and at the same time, will not bind your doll’s body.