Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Tezos Web Wallet

Tezos web wallets are also known as Tezos online wallets. The web wallet is the most convenient option when it comes to sending crypto-currencies like Tezos. Here, your coins are saved in a central server. With technological advancement, hackers are becoming smarter. Because of the increasing demand for crypto-currencies, many fake wallets are also emerging. They make people invest Tezos in their wallet and then provides no services and closes their account. There are other types of spam going on; hence, you shouldn’t trust every web wallet you come across. 

The Tezos is one of the most popular crypto-currency, and every big or small investor wants to buy them. To keep them secure, you can opt for a Tezbox wallet. This wallet has multiple public and private keys, which makes the transaction of crypto-currency easy and secure. You can use Tezbox wallet under different categories like desktop, mobile, and paper. Let us discuss some of the factors to consider before opting for the best Tezos web wallet

  • The Reputation of the company 

The company has to be well-known and reputable to assure that it is reliable and trustworthy. Know about who is running (experts) of the web wallet. Whether they store the data on their server or not. The centralized stored data are more prone to hacking. Know how fast they solve the glitches and manage their data practices. 

  • Salient Features 

Look for user-friendly integrated features. While looking for a reliable Tezos web wallet, make sure that it has two-step verification security. If it has biometric authentication, then it is a plus point. The language of the interface should be easy to understand. It must support a multi-currency and multi-address system. You should find managing your portfolio easy manage. You can even keep the web wallet on your home screen for easy access. 

  • Security 

Security is the foremost factor to look at while choosing a Tezos web wallet. The hackers are becoming more powerful; hence, you have to be more cautious and prepared. Some of the important security features are:-

  • Two-step verification, where you get a message on your mobile every time you log in through any device. 
  • Biometric authentication can be a plus point. 
  • Optimal log out supported 
  • Multi-signature feature
  • Every important aspect is password protected. 


  • QR Code system 

The address is quite long and they are difficult to copy accurately in one go. Hence, they are more hectic and time-consuming. The web wallet should support the QR code scanner feature, which makes the transaction of Tezos easy. All you have to do is scan the QR code to transfer the coins. 

  • How frequently the wallet update.

Updating the web wallet is far most the most essential thing that a developer must do. It will help in keeping the hackers away. Also, systematic improvements can enhance the overall user experience. 

The Tezbox wallet is free to use and provides all of these features. Make sure that you settle with the best Tezos web wallet possible.