Online poker and blackjack tips for gambling

At bandarq, you will be able to play blackjack, online poker and other games.  It is important to have tips on them so that you understand how to go about it. Get to know the tips of blackjack and online poker.


  • Unless for the blackjack tables for the live dealer, you cannot count cards online. And you would not want to be caught while counting cards, because, most of the terms and conditions for online gaming states that your account will automatically be terminated if you are caught doing so.
  • Start playing on a casino which will be able to pay you 3:2 when it comes to natural blackjacks and not of 6:5. It is not all of them who do that. Though a small difference, but over time, it adds up. 
  • Are you looking for a better edge against the casino? Then you have to avoid side bets as well as additional options such as perfect insurance or perfect pair as they just increase the odd against you. 
  • Play and look for double or single deck blackjack games. They are games with the lowest house edge.
  • You have to split 8s and split aces when you are allowed. It is a method of oversimplifying the hand-splitting but it is a rule that you can easily remember and one that you should memorize. 
  • Avoid splitting ten-points hands. It includes jacks, tens, kings and queens. Having a 20 is a hand that is strong enough that you can stand on. 
  • You need to have basic strategy for a blackjack at hand. There are no rules that state that you cannot utilize them online. And because you are not playing against other players, there is no way you will hold the game up whenever you start looking for your next move. 
  • You have to know the rules that are going to favor you as a player.  Play and find games where the rules tend to favor players more than the house is favored. 

Online poker tips

  • One of the elements that are important is your traffic or base. The more players who are on a particular site, the more chances you will have in getting a game or a tournament that is running. You will get a game that you are looking out to play.
  • A poker room that is a smaller base has the advantage of tournaments that are guaranteed.  Most newer rooms give out tournaments that are guaranteed but end up not getting the right number to sign up for the same. Meaning, the room will need to cover for that. They are referred to as overlay tournaments.
  • A variety of sites are currently tweaking their models of businesses to make them recreational and player friendly. What it means is that, they don’t permit data mining, tracking software, having to multi-table a variety of tables, taking notes and much more. There are others which come up with a section for beginners so that the new signups can start from there. If you wish to learn how to play the game without the worry of being run over by qualified players ensure to get rooms offering beginner sections or which discourages professionals from playing on them.