How to avoid van theft

Van theft is a constant problem for many companies, and can cost thousands of pounds in lost business. In fact, it’s estimated that the average cost of a van stolen from a worksite is around £30,000.

As well as the replacement vehicle itself, there’s the downtime while you arrange a new vehicle and the hit to your business if you can’t complete jobs on time. And then there’s the damage to your business’ reputation. The good news is that following our top tips will help you avoid this costly and stressful scenario.

A van is a vehicle that is used to transport goods and people from place to place. The van security is paramount to ensure the safety of the people travelling in it and the goods in it.

Here are some tips to avoid theft of your van:

Ensure that you know where your van is at all times. This will minimize chances of it being stolen as you will be aware of its movements.

Keep the keys away from prying eyes. Ensure that the keys are not left on the ignition for long periods of time as this can lead to theft. It is even more important if you have an older van as this makes it easier for thieves to steal it.

Ensure that the windows are tinted so that no one can see what is in the van from outside. You should also ensure that all doors and windows are locked especially when no one is near it.

If you want to keep your valuables safe, avoid leaving them inside your van for too long as this may attract would-be thieves. These include money, jewelry, clothing, electronics and other items that can be sold easily on the black market.

In order to protect yourself against car theft, you should have an alarm system installed in your vehicle or purchase a car with alarm system.

Parking your van in a secure location is the most obvious way to keep it safe. Look for well-lit car parks or areas where CCTV cameras are in operation. If you’re parking on your driveway, make sure gates or fences can’t be easily scaled.

If you park on the road overnight, try to choose a quiet area where there aren’t many other vehicles parked. In this situation, it’s also worth leaving your internal lights on so passers-by know the vehicle is occupied. Finally, always make sure doors and windows are closed and locked when leaving your van unattended.