How Effective is the golden teacher mushroom?

There are quite several psychedelic mushrooms that have been available in many shops and markets right now, with various effects to the user. But among those mushrooms out for sale to the general consumers, the one that stands out is none other than the Golden Teacher type. It has been one of the world’s most popular hallucinogenic mushrooms right now, for a wide variety of reasons.

With its golden color, there is no reason for you to not notice this wonderful mushroom. And based on reviews from other users, it can give off feelings of euphoria, hallucination, introspection, and many others. So if you want to test how effective this mushroom is, you better read on to find out more.

What the Golden Teacher Mushroom Can Do to Your Body

The golden teacher mushroom has been gaining quite a recognition among psychedelic substances enthusiasts, thanks to the number of effects it can give off to you when you get to use it. Reviews have been stating that this type of mushroom is ideal for beginners who want to try out the effects of this mushroom without getting too much carried away by the effects.

Why do they say so? It is because the Golden Teacher mushroom has a remarkably calm and mildly high psychedelic effect, in addition to the euphoric and hallucinogenic effects that were mentioned above. Therefore, this is highly recommended for those of you who are just new to using any type of magic mushrooms.

In addition to that, many longtime users of this type of magic mushroom have been talking about the feeling of enlightenment they had every time they use it. Aside from that, it appears that it got its name because it also has a special effect that “teaches” you to “connect” with nature. It also has the effect of healing your mind and spirit in addition to the previously mentioned effects.

How Much Should You Use to Get the Best Effects?

Since you can know the effects of this mushroom, you might be asking now – how much should you use to experience the best effects of it?

It is highly recommended, especially for beginners like you, that the dosage for this type of magic mushroom must be only between (1) and 2.5 grams. But this will still depend on how much effect that you want to experience – whether it be just light, moderate, or the full effects of it. Aside from that, it should also depend on your body weight and the way the mushrooms are prepared – whether it be dried or fresh.

The Best Magic Mushroom for All User Types

What is the best about the Golden Teacher is the fact it can be used by any user – whether you are a beginner or a longtime mushroom enthusiast.  You can adjust the dosage if you want to, as long as you are physically capable to do so. In the end, you’re always free to experience the great effects of this wonderful magic mushroom.