High Quality Cable Manufacturer

Quality Service: Cables and Wires

Sycor Technology has been providing quality service while manufacturing and distributing various types of cables and wires since 1981. It has an extensive inventory of these types of products and also produces custom-made ones to fit a variety of situations. These are manufactured and stored in its impressive 40,000-square foot facility, which is in Mississauga, Ontario.

Robotic Cabling and Wiring

As a top-quality wire and cable manufacturer, Sycor ensures that its products can be used in a variety of settings. One of these is related to robotic wiring and cabling. Some of the environmental factors that are unique to these types of wires and cables include being part of continuous, repeated and identical movements in oftentimes harsh settings. Sycor’s wires and cables are designed to withstand these challenges.

Solar Energy

Wiring and cabling are also required for many solar energy applications. They are oftentimes necessary to transfer power and communicate between the varied parts of those systems. Sycor engineers cabling solutions that do these things as well as the ability to avoid wire degradation while being exposed to harsh conditions. As a result, the power of the sun can be utilized to the maximum amount possible.