Expert’s Baccarat Online Tips That Will Shoot Up Your Bankroll 



Even if you are inexperienced in gambling, you would have come across the game of baccarat. The frequent appearance of the game in popular movies have given the game a flavor of elegance. The scenes of royal tuxedo-clad men in classic James Bond films are well-known all over the world!

Have you finally decided to step into the dream world of บาคาร่าออนไลน์games? Congratulations! It is going to be an exhilarating journey. However, playing the game online it a bit different from that in land casinos. Here is the complete guide to help you play บาคาร่าออนไลน์

An expert’s tips and tricks

Two cards are drawn to both the player and the dealer. The maximum value of the cards is 9. You aim to get a value close to that. Aces, tens, face cards are assigned a value of zero. All the other cards have a face value. You draw two cards for both the hands, and you add up their assigned values. If the value obtained exceeds nine, you subtract ten from it.

Here are some valuable tips to give your best shot at the game. 

  • Avoid the tie bet

There are three types of bet in this game – the Banker’s, the player, and the tie bet. The payout for the tie bet is the most attractive of all. However, do not jump the gun! It has the highest payout rate because the wager is that both hands have the same value. And this occurs rarely. There is no way you can predict when this outcome will happen. Hence, it is better to avoid this bet unless you do not care about the losses.


  • Do not try for a lengthy winning streak

Unlike some other popular gambling games, baccarat is characterized by short winning streaks. If you try to maintain your streak for longer, you may encounter huge losses. Play short sessions to win the best amount. You may switch between bets or even switch tables, but the trick is to avoid keeping it going for longer.



  • Find a baccarat table with fewer decks


The standard format of the game consists of an 8-deck baccarat table. However, if you scout for smaller decks, you will find some with 4 – 6 decks. Using special techniques on tables with smaller decks, you can easily predict the outcome. If a professional gambler finds a table with a smaller deck, he will have a field day at the game! With practice, you can achieve that elusive long winning streak too!


Baccarat has several formulae given by experts and professional gamblers. However, they may be difficult for an amateur player to understand. If you are a newbie, feel free to start by employing the tips discussed above. Once you get the knack the game, you will get the formulas too. Just like any other game in gambling, it gets better with experience. Therefore, start by avoiding the tie bet and work your way up to the top. Who knows, you may come up with your strategies along the way! Happy gambling!