Dental sleep medicine- three facts to know!

Are you familiar with the word dental sleep medicine? If not so, then you don’t need to worry about it. We are here to tell you about the three most interesting facts about dental sleep medicine. Generally, dental sleep considers as a sleep disorder or sleep apnea. To overcome this, we take some dental sleep medicine which helps us in maintaining breathing and overall health. We all know that, if any person is suffering from sleeping disorders, then it gives adverse effects on our social and health problems. 

So, here we are going to discuss what is dental sleep medicine? Why do airway testing? And some other most important questions which everyone should know. 

About dental sleep medicine 

Mainly, dental sleep medicine considers as the dentistry who gives treatment for sleeping disorders with an oral appliance. Most of the time, whenever a person is suffering from a sleeping disorder, then they prescribe for continuous positive airway pressure, it is like a machine that has a lot of functions.  

During this treatment, a mask consists of the mouth and our nose is attached to that machine, by which air is forced. That machine may be too noisy, and that mask will irritate us. There are several cases in which oral appliance treatment will be successful. 

Why do airway testing?

So any dentist is there who is using the airway testing for treatment. This testing is may be dangerous due to the oral appliances when they are unable to open then nasal airway and have not to be used if their obstacle exists only in the nasal passage.

If your dental sleep masters use the3 airway testing along with the rhino meter, then it is important to foretell before treatment. 

When treating with oral appliances?

Now, we are going to discuss that at what time our physicians are going to treat our sleeping disorder with oral appliances. Awkward sleeping disorder is when our tongue falls back and obstructed the airway. If it is not obstructed completely, then maybe it causes snoring and the full obstruction also causes a pause the breathing with snoring.

Mainly, the oral appliances are designed to take the lower jaw forehead and, then our tongue forward and open the airway. Oral appliances are one of the most effective treatments for patients who are suffering from mild to moderate sleeping apnea. Those patients who are suffering from severe sleep disorder don’t get relaxed by medicine, but oral appliance treatment gives them the desired result.

If you are also one of those people who are suffering from moderate sleep apnea, then you have to go to the Avi Weisfogel, because he is a specialist in treating those problems.  

Final say

As we all know that, in this field, adequate knowledge of technology and education is essential. If your physicians don’t have perfect knowledge, then don’t take a risk with your health. Always go with the right one, who gives you the right treatment according to you.