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When you are planning your next event, you want to work with an event registration management San Francisco California agency that has years of experience in planning and coordinating only the best events in the area. We offer a variety of event planning solutions for just about any type of event you may have in mind. We handle everything from celebrity acquisition to marketing and promotions so you won’t have to worry about a single detail. 

For concerts, we work with you to create an Artist Technical Rider. This document clarifies our responsibilities in the production of the concert as far as the artist is concerned. It includes, but is not limited to, the billing of the artist, length and presentation of the concert, security, load in and out, complimentary tickets and passes, merchandising, transportation, and more. You can count on us to expertly handle catering, back line, sound, and light requirements. 

We will work with the venue and the artist’s production manager to coordinate and advance the show. We handle pick-ups and drop-offs, press interviews, and in-store appearances. We will create production schedules as well. Additionally, we manage all of the extra personnel needed to get the show going and running smoothly. 

We’ll help you select the right location using our database of contacts and venues to hold your event. We’ll help you coordinate the design and theme of the event and handle catering, logistics, and hosting. Furthermore, you can walk through the venue before the event to make sure it is just how you imagined, and we will negotiate the cost through pre-settlement. 

When your event needs some great entertainment, we will be able to find just the right person or group to liven it up. Our celebrity acquisition team is ready to secure excellent entertainment for your event. We can also help you secure sponsorship as well by creating a specific proposal for individual potential sponsors. 

If you are searching for help managing your non-profit’s capacity-building, core strength development, programs, and long-term organizational sustainability, we also have team members who will deliver the results you need. We work with you to identify programs and events that align with the organization’s mission and that will maximize social impact. We help with everything from grant writing to signature event planning, program development, capacity building, and fundraising. 

When you need an event management agency that can help with every aspect of planning a great event, contact us.