Cheat Sheet To Select And Prepare Beef Steaks

The taste, flavor tenderness and juiciness of a steak will mainly depend on the specific cut. This cheat sheet will help you to select your order when you visit the meat store the next time. This is an important decision to make because the tenderness of the cuts of beef will determine the cooking time and requirements to attain culinary perfection. Whether you want to make a stew or a rich sauce, the trick lies in selecting the right cut of the beef for the dish. You can choose from tenderloin cuts, briskets, rib eye, ground beef, or round cuts.

The tenderloin cuts

Ideally, Tenderloin cuts is most popular as muscleshere does not do much work and therefore are significantly tender. It comprises of porterhouse steak cuts and the T-bone and are best for cooking filet mignon. This is the part of the roast sold as steak. The best way to cook it is to roast, or if you want to cook a steak you can grillor broil it. Since this is a comparatively lean cut, it will dry out quickly. Therefore, make sure that you do not overcook it to lose the tenderness and flavor.

Brisket and rib cuts

Brisket is tough and comprises the working muscles. It contains a lot of connective tissues as well as an abundance of fat capping on the top of the cut. The best way to cook it is to slow cook. This will give it a lot of time to soften and break down. To make the meat fork soft and tender you must braise the brisket, especially in a smoker for the perfect flavor and taste. If you choose to buy rib-eye steak, consider the different forms and uses. Typically, rib steak will come with bones. Though less tender, it is the bone that gives it more flavor than filet mignons. Check out on more details.

Other cuts to choose

If you choose a rib cut without bones, then it is called a rib-eye. These steaks are flavorful and easy to cook needing only a little salt and pepper. You can broil, grill or pan-fry them. If you choose ground beef take care of the fat-to-lean beef ratio. This indicates the beef and fat content where more fat means juicier steak. It is good for hamburgers, tacos, stuffed peppers, meatballs and meatloaf. Lastly, round cuts is also common for roasts and round steaks. Slow cook it in a stew or braise.