5 Router bits every woodworker should own

The world of woodworking may seem complicated, but it’s not. First, you don’t need a whole set of tools for you to get the job done. There are only a handful of tools that you need for you to do almost anything. Among those most important tools are five types of router bits. These should never miss in your collection if at all you want to have an easy time working on wood. Below is a detailed list of the most important bits.

Straight bits
This is the type of bit that is designed to make your router more versatile. The bit is non-piloted, and so you will need a guide to come up with precise cuts. It can be used to achieve square bottomed straight grooves in any wood. Despite having numerous diameters, you only need three diameters for you to work efficiently and without any problems. The essential diameters include 1/4, 1/2 and 1/3. These often come in handy whenever you want to cut dadoes, rabbets and grooves in woods such as plywood. They can also be used to make a mortise or inlay.

1/4 inch round-over bit
1/4 inch round-over bit is among the most vital router tools that you need in your workshop to make your work easy. You will find this bit to be essential once you realize that you will need sharp corners in almost all of your woodworking projects. What makes it even more important is that it tends to remove more materials than its cousin 1/8-inch bit. The size of the round over bit also determines the type of cut you end up achieving on your wood. With a 1/4-inch round-over bit, you will find it easy performing several woodworking applications.

1/4-inch roman ogee bit
The roman ogee bits are known to come in handy whenever you want to achieve decorative details on any wood. These include tabletops edges, vertical stiles and even horizontal rails. These edge shaping bits come in three sizes, 5/32, 1/4 and 3/8 inches. Of all those sizes, the 1/4 inch is the most important since it can serve most needs and work on almost any wood. When it comes to picking the most vital woodworking bits, don’t forget this tool since you will always need to decorate your wood.

Rabbeting bit
No bit can come up with perfect square notches in the edge of any wood than a rabbeting bit. It is used alongside other materials to create a way with which you can join two different kinds of wood. He bit comes with a pilot bearing. This means that you can easily vary the depth of the cut when needed. The bits are mostly used to cut slots in wood which are then joined with other woods using glue.

45-degree chamfer bit
A 45-degree chamfer bit is among the must-have router bits especially since it is among the few bits that can achieve perfect detailing. The chamfer is used whenever you want to cut a bevel at a distinct angle. As its name suggests, the chafer bit is used to come up with a 45-degree slant at the edge of the wood, thus achieving a perfect finishing. What makes it more versatile is the fact that its size can be varied to come up with much better results.

From the information above, it is evident that those bits are exactly what you need to carry out most functions. What them very essential is the fact that they are versatile and can be used together to deliver what most bits can’t. Having them in your workshop will see to it that you have an easy time joining, decorating and cutting wood.