4 Questions to Ask when Choosing an Automotive Air Freshener

The wonderful scent of a new and fresh car brings so much joy! Unfortunately, the lovely smell does not last forever. Don’t fret, there is a simple and inexpensive solution – the Little Tree air freshener! Offering a variety of scents, these air fresheners can maintain that new car smell you know and love. Since there is not enough circulation when the car doors and windows are closed, a freshener is necessary. However, with so many available options, how do determine the right choice? Continuing reading for five questions to help you choose the best Little Tree air freshener.

Do you use your car daily?

Most car owners use their car daily. However, in larger cities where a higher percentage of commuters take mass transit to work, the car may only be used on the weekends to run errands. This means that the air circulation throughout the week will be poor since the doors and windows will be closed. Therefore, a stronger scent may be required for your car to eliminate any stale orders. However, the Vent Wrap option might be best when using your car regularly since it is strong and invisible. Little Tree offers a variety of other products ranging from their iconic hanging trees to the fiber can to a clippable fresh link.

How big is your automobile?

The larger the automobile, the stronger the scent you will need to fill the air. The standard Little Tree freshener is unlikely to be the best option in this instance. Instead, one or two Fiber Cans or Fresh Links (one for the front and one for the back) are great options. For the more compact automobile, the Little Tree in your favorite flavor will do the trick.

Do you want the air freshener to be less visible?

If yes, then the Little Tree air freshener Vent Wrap is an excellent option. The Vent Wrap adheres to the air conditioning great and literally wraps around it while still releasing your favorite scent into the automobile. Available in a variety of scents, the Vent Wrap is barely noticeable and can be placed on any air conditioning grate for the highest level of convenience.

How much are you will to spend?

While these products vary in price, they all offer the same output: a clean and fresh smelling car. The amount you wish to spend on these products depends on the size of your vehicle, the amount of usage the visibility of the freshener and the desired strength of the fragrance. Luckily, all options are affordable and provide the best smelling car scents.

Although it is inevitable to have a Little Tree air freshener in your automobile, ensuring the correct product for your needs is critical. The smell of the fragrance must be welcoming and worthwhile with a reasonable price tag. These four questions will help you make a decision on the right type of Little Tree product you wish to purchase!