1911 Holsters – Best Protective Cover For Pistol Lovers

Are you one of those people who carries a gun or any shooting weapon? Carrying a gun or pistol in a routine is dangerous and can cause fear in many people. It is a bit of a hassle to take a handgun without a police uniform. 1911 Holsters are easy to handle and give maximum protection to your guns.

It is not a one-size holster that the topmost company offers. Kirkpatrick offers numerous models like sig Sauer, Colt, Kimber, Ruger, Browning, and Taurus. The 1911 holsters are ideal for a concealed carry, chosen by most Americans. It provides convenient protection for your firearm.

Kirkpatrick uses 100% American leather

The Texas-based company has been making gun covers since the 1950s. They have been able to hold pride for superior craftsmanship and quality products. They used 100% certified heavy native steerhide to make 1911 holsters.

The 1911 pistol cover is reliable to carry for self-defense. Many holster providers like the 1911 model as it is a good choice of competition, carry, and hunting. Moreover, they continuously try to improve the design. Most of the belt holsters for 1911-5” is suitable for narrow gun pipes. Thumb break design is also popular among holsters. You will get varieties of holsters to choose from.

Kirkpatrick offers the best satisfaction

If you are a fan of 1911 holsters, you have to keep an eye on the Kirkpatrick website to check the upcoming model and updates. The Holsters collection is not complete without the 1911 model in American history. It is a top-quality custom molded product that can be used for everyday carry. 1911 4”-4.25” models are sought everywhere.

  • At first, I would like to highlight the comfort and quality of the leather product. If you still carry an old holster, it is the right time to upgrade your carry with a 1911 leather model. It is a reinforced and double-stitched material that provides comfort and life safety for every day.
  • 1911 model holsters are designed for life-long concealment and convenience.OWB and IWB leather belt holsters have a quick draw design that is perfect for everyday carry.
  • Based on protection and craftsmanship, Kirkpatrick is the best website to buy leather holsters. The 1911 holsters are handcrafted products that protect both you and your firearm.
  • 1911 models are well fitted for both 5” and 4” barrels as well as 3”. It is not suitable for commander size and has a lifetime warranty.


The 1911 Holsters are made entirely with modern technology. There are many options available on the website from where you can choose the color and design. You can also talk to the company about which animal skin you want to make a holster with.

Maintenance is necessary if you use 1911 holsters. It needs extra attention to last a long time. As it is constructed with advanced leather, police and army person have trust in the product. Leather is the only traditional material that is famous for its durability and comfortability.