What is live streaming?

When talking of streaming, it is a method of data transmission which is utilized when someone watches a video on the internet. It is a way of having to deliver the video in 실시간중, which comes from a remote location. By transmitting a few parts of the file in real-time over the internet, there is no need for the audience to download it into their devices before it starts to play.

The live stream is all about 실시간중계of a video that is sent over the internet without the need first to record and store it. Nowadays, television broadcasts, social media videos, and video game streams can be live-streamed. 

Think about live streaming and regular streaming as the difference between having to recite a monologue that is memorized and having to improvise speech. In the stable streaming, there is a need for content to be created in advance, stored and then, later on, relayed to the audience. During live streaming, the content is received by the audience instantly when the actor is creating it.

Live streaming refers to 실시간중계 several connections that go out to various users at the same time. 

Working of live streaming on a technical level

  • Compression
  • Segmentation
  • Encoding
  • Decoding
  • CDN contribution – content delivery network
  • Video playback
  • CDN caching

Video capture

Live streaming is with a raw video, which is the basic information of visual, which the camera captures. In the computing device where you attach the camera, the visual information is presented as data that is digital. At the deepest level, it is represented in 0s and 1s.


There is a lot of digital information in a video. That is why, when downloading a video file, it takes longer as compared to downloading a pdf or image file. Because it will be impractical to send the data in the video all at once on the internet, video streaming happens in small segments that have a length of a few seconds. 

Encoding and compression

After the data is sent in segmentations, it is compressed and then encoded. The redundant visual information is removed. If in the first video, the person talking was in a gray background, in the subsequent ones, there will be no gray background as it will be rendered redundant. 

It would be best if you thought of the video compression as having to add new furniture to a living room. You will not have to buy all the furniture each time there is a broken chair. You can as well keep the layout of the room to remain the same and have to change a few at a time, with occasional larger rearrangement as necessary.  That means that not every stream of the video has to be rendered in totality but jus the parts of the frame, such as a person moving their mouth.

Encoding is the process of having to convert data in a new format. The 실시간중계is encoded interpretable format of a digital file that can be recognized on various devices.