Using Big Bikes As A Normal City Ride

The majority of people wanting to own a bike might go for the big bikes instead of the small motorbikes. Many will go for the large engine motorbikes than the smaller scooters. There is a big majestic stance that comes with the big bikes. Big bikes are equal to Great power and as seen as the road owners. They have a strong suspension system and reliable parts, which represent their stability, durability, and strength. When there are new features in the motorbike industry, they are first used in the big bikes before the smaller motorbikes. Great features like the ABS traction system, keyless start system, riding modes all started with the big bikes, These new features start getting to the small bikes only when the technology used to make them become very popular and can be produced in mass. Many people see the big bikes as a symbol of respect and success than a Slide-on car service (รถสไลด์รับจ้าง ,which is the term in Thai). However, there are many positive sides and downsides to the big bikes, and we shall consider them in this article.

Fuel issues

With high engines for power and speed comes the risk of fuel consumption. In using the big bikes, you can get the maximum speed with slight touching of the throttle. Fuel consumption in the big bikes is much higher than in the scooter and regular bikes.

Wear-and-tear parts

Buying a big bike is very expensive. The big bikes also have large components that take up much space and materials during production. Starting from the tires to the batteries, the front fork, and even the light bulbs, all contribute to the increased cost of the big bikes. Also, in the big bikes use more amount of lubricant than smaller bikes.

Parking is also a problem

Parking the towing bigbike (รถยกมอเตอร์ไซค์ big bike ,which is the term in Thai) is another issue you have to consider. Even with the two wheels to can you still see that they occupy more space than small bikes. Big boys do not fit well in parking spaces reserved for small motorcycles.