Tips for Landing an Office Administration Job with Recruitment Agencies in London

Like any other job, office administration jobs have evolved from just assistance with the office tasks to customer service and support to other teams in the office. The stakes have also gone high for office administrators and secretaries across the country. With thousands of graduates getting into the job market every year, you expect high competition for available secretarial recruitment London opportunities. Here are a few tips to stay ahead of the competition and stand out in your next interview.

Job Hunting

You will find tens of job opportunities with the admin recruitment agencies London, job websites and in company sites. Before you make an application, it is important to check if you are a good match for the job. Do your qualifications, personality and experience match with the kind of person they are looking for? Only apply for jobs that you have the competence and matching personality.

Job Application

If you are a good match, do not just copy paste earlier cover letters and attach your resume. Draft every cover letter according to the needs of the recruitment agency. The office admin recruitment London advertisements come with qualifications and skills that should be seen in the initial job application letter. Also, be concise and highlight important skills and experiences that match the employer’s needs.


You expect to go for a few interviews before you can land a job. Most companies, whether secretarial, office administrator or receptionist recruitment London agencies will conduct a series of interviews where they will eliminate interviewees until they get the person who is the best match. Your performance in the very first interview determines your progression to other interviews. You can increase your chances of being shortlisted in the next interview by practising on your posture, speech and dressing. Also, go through your skills and experience and get clear answers for any gaps. Here are other tips to keep in mind:

  • Where you know the name of the company, research about it and its business
  • Have a good night sleep the night before the interview so that you fresh for the interview
  • Do not rehearse answers and don’t be afraid to say you do not know
  • Research on the salary levels of similar jobs so that you know the applicable range when you are asked for your expected salary
  • Wear comfortable and professional attire and avoiding too much make-up or accessories

Secretarial recruitment London agencies have several job opportunities from time to time. While it is good to apply for many job opportunities to increase your chances of landing a job, only go for jobs you have the best fit. Take time with the application and prepare for your next job interview using the tips above. Good Luck.