The Importance of the Rec to Rec Sub-Industry

To those enterprising individuals or professionals who are active in HR management positions, the importance of rec to rec probably needs no clarification. For pretty much everybody else though, if you’re at all familiar with the rec to rec sub-industry then some natural questions of its legitimacy develop, in which case it will help to get better acquainted with this section of the recruitment industry so that its importance becomes clearer.

What is Rec2Rec?

In a nutshell, rec to rec agencies are essentially in the business of recruiting other recruiters. If you take a closer look at the technicalities of it then it makes perfect sense, because a recruitment professional who is employed by a certain company still needs to be recruited in order for them to fill that position. That professional position just happens to be one which entails the same process which landed them their job.

Specialisation for a competitive edge

When one zones-in on some of the most highly-developed markets specialising in recruitment to recruitment London leads the way, with this position as a leader perhaps attested to by the greater region’s position as a mega business hub in the UK and as a connection-point to mainland Europe. It is however the actual job description of a recruitment consultant which legitimises the existence of the Rec2Rec industry in that someone recruiting a professional of this sort knows exactly what to look for. There are specific specialist traits and skills you’d be looking for and as someone who is active in the very industry you’re recruiting for, you’d be best placed to be able to identify those qualities in a potential candidate.

However, this is not a job for existing recruitment personnel, because as much as existing in-house personnel is likely clued-up about the inner workings of the business they’re working for, they’re not specialists in recruiting for the recruitment team. It takes a certain level of specialisation to maintain a competitive edge in that area of operation, but at the same time it doesn’t really make sense for an organisation whose core business isn’t recruiting to want to invest in a permanent Rec2Rec staff.

Rec2Rec Agencies

This is where specialist Rec2Rec agencies come into play. While it’s perhaps common knowledge that if you’re looking for any jobs in recruitment London is the place to be, that also gives an indication as to where you would go if wanted to benefit from the services of recruitment to recruitment agency. So even if you’re not looking for a recruitment professional to be based in the capital, as far as it goes with rec to rec London is still the place to seek out a specialist agency. The best of these agencies specialises in recruiting for recruitment positions, which is where the competitive advantage comes into play. Their sole focus is on Rec2Rec and so none of this focus is split between other operational areas of an organisation.