Finding a Reputable Dog Breeder in Your Locality

Buying a dog requires you to be very cautious and careful in order to ensure that you are buying the dog from a reputable breeder. This is because the quality of your pup will be determined by the breeder that you choose. The best breeders always breed dogs that are healthy, good-tempered and smart. They also provide you with all the information that you need so that you may make an informed decision. Here are some tips to help you find a reputable dog breeder in your locality:


A good breeder is one who cares about the breed and has the breed’s welfare at heart. They are usually active members of breed clubs and are willing to discuss the breed with you in detail. A good breeder will have lots of questions for you to make sure that you are suitable for one of their puppies.


In addition to health testing, a reputable breeder will also know about temperament, which is equally important. They will be able to tell you what their dogs are like to live with and how much exercise they need. You should also consider whether your lifestyle would suit a puppy or an older dog, as well as whether you have time to train a young dog or whether they would prefer an adult who has already had some training.


You can begin your search for a good breeder by asking friends, veterinary surgeons and other dog owners who have bought dogs from local breeders before for recommendations. You should however not rely entirely on these recommendations because people have different tastes when it comes to dogs. Any person who has bought a puppy from one of these breeders before can give you their opinion regarding the quality of puppies from each breeder. This will help you to narrow down your list and get referrals for the best breeders in your locality.


The following is a checklist for you to use when visiting a potential breeder’s premises:


Puppies should be well groomed and clean. Their eyes should be clear and bright, and other than being a little excitable, they should not be showing signs of illness or distress.


Puppies should be friendly. They should come to you when called and display no aggressive behavior towards you or each other. If you have children, take them along when visiting the puppies so you can see how the puppies react around them.


The mother should be calm and accept your presence without too much concern. It’s important that she trusts humans if her puppies are going to grow up trusting people as well. Mother dogs who are anxious or nervous are likely to pass on this fearfulness to their puppies.


The mother should look clean and well cared for. Her coat should look healthy, with no bald spots or areas of weakness where skin disorders could be present.

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