Differences Of Marijuana Gummies From Smoking

Cannabis is widely used for recreational and medical purposes. The latter is continuously being studied by experts to find more ways to use it as a cure for diseases. Many studies focus on its effects as a cure for mental health conditions. Most common of them is anxiety disorder. This disorder causes the person to respond to situations with fear and panic. With the help of cannabis components, THC and CBD, a lot of patients tend to have decreasing attacks or more manageable symptoms. The relaxing effect of cannabis makes them calm and less frantic.

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is still controversial in some parts of the world. But in areas where it is considered legal and acceptable, more people become interested in consuming it.

How is cannabis consumed

The two common ways of consuming cannabis are by inhaling it through smoking and by ingestion through edibles. Edibles are simply cannabis induced food like baked goods, candies, chocolates, drinks or marijuana gummies.

Smoking cannabis or sometimes referred to as smoking weed or pot is a method that has been done since way back. It is done by smoking joints or vaping with the use of a handheld electronic vaporizer. Ingestion, on the other hand, is done by consuming edibles. This method is considered a more subtle and discreet way of taking cannabis.

These methods have differing effects. Smoking gives a faster effect compared to edibles which come gradually. When smoking, the smoke containing THC is inhaled, goes into the lungs then to the bloodstream until it reaches the brain. The effects are felt within seconds upon inhalation. It can last for 6 to 24 hours after use.

Edibles, however, take a little longer to take effect. The edibles are eaten and like normal food goes into the stomach. It takes a while for it to get into the liver which then gets converted to get into the bloodstream and into the brain. The effects can be felt within 30 minutes to 2 hours upon ingestion. The effects can peak after 4 hours and can last up to 12 hours.

Effects may vary depending on the dosage taken. Smoking has a higher amount of THC therefore a more intense effect. Edibles like marijuana gummies may contain smaller amounts of THC or CBD combined with its slower and more gradual effectivity. Hence, it gives more subtle effects to the user.

Educate yourself

Before trying any of the methods, make sure to gather enough information and educate yourself better. Know what you are getting into and prepare yourself.

You can also consult a physician for a more comprehensive and personal explanation of its effects and risks. The consumption of cannabis can impose risks that may not be advertised by manufacturers. Getting your doctors professional opinion will help you understand better. Getting guidance in its consumption is also helpful. A physician will guide you and give you proper dosages to help your body adjust and adapt to cannabis. Take the proper instruction and monitor progress to have a more effective experience of it.