Causes and Prevention for Heartworms in Dogs

Just like a human being, dogs also get heart disease. Every year hundreds of thousands of dogs are infected by heart-disease. Heartworm disease is popular among dogs with each passing day and it caused by the parasite Dirofilaria immitis (a type of roundworm) that affects the lungs and heart of a dog.

Moreover, these parasites are transmitted by mosquitoes and lives in the blood vessels of the dog. Along with the heart and lungs, it can also affect the kidney, eye, liver, central nervous system. You can protect your dog from heartworm with the help of Heartguard medication. You can buy Canada Drugs from the certified website at mid-range price tags.

Here, in this article, we find out the common causes and prevention for Heartworm in Dogs.

Causes of Heartworm Disease:

As discussed earlier, heartworms are spread through the bites of mosquito. These mosquito’s carry the infective larvae from an affected dog to the healthier one. It is the main cause of heartworm disease. Then, the larvae migrate through the dog’s body until they reach the heart and blood vessels of the lungs. This whole process takes approximately six months and adult heartworm is about 12 inches long and then it releases immature heartworm into the dog’s blood.

When the mosquito bites infected dog these adult heartworm transfer to another healthy dog and in this way the heartworm lifecycle continues. Microfilaria is basically a baby worm that injected in dog’s bloodstream through a mosquito. Heartworm can be life-threatening to pet’s if remains untreated. Most dog’s in endemic regions, exposure to mosquito’s and lack of medication more susceptible to heartworm disease.

Prevention of Heartworm Disease:

As a pet-lover, it is your responsibility to take proper care of your pet. You can easily protect your dog from life-threatening heartworm disease by giving them proper medication at the right time. Heartguard medication can able to prevent heartworm disease if you give it to a dog at an early stage.

Heartworm medication prevents all at-risk dogs and also safe for your pet. All preventive medications are available by prescription only and you can talk to your vet to find the best one for your dog. The common symptoms of heartworm include coughing, poor body condition, less physical activities. If you keenly check activities of your pet then it will be easy to prevent it from any type of health-related issues.

In the summer season, give preventive medications to your pet on a monthly basis and routine heartworm screening can be caught heartworm at an early stage. At the initial stage, treatment will be more effective as well as safe. Before buying these medications don’t forget to check the label and give the required amount of doses.

Final Verdict:

These are the common causes and preventive majors for heartworm in dogs. Dog’s are your real companion and always there for you in every situation. So, take proper care of your pet because it totally depends on you. Take preventive medications as we all know that ‘Prevention is the best medicine.