Amazing Decors That Should Make a Comeback


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It is always fun to populate your house with stylish decorations. Most people base their choice of furniture or paint job by what is currently popular, but you can also inject some of your style sensibilities. As long as your eyes like what they see, then you should not worry if it is not a part of the latest trend.

A house’s aesthetics is as important as its inner workings, which is why home inspections are conducted for those in the market for a home. This is to make sure that stuff like plumbing, insulation, and electrical wiring are all operational and pass safety standards. And once you have gotten that out of the way, you can think about the decors that you will be using next. There have been popular ones from the past, and some of them deserve to come back and make all the corners of your home beautiful.

Lava Lamp

The lava lamp was a staple of interior design in the 1970s. It is a great example of psychedelic imagery paired with science. It is basically a glass container that is filled with equal amounts of water and oil. This is then put on top of a bulb whose warmth will cause the mesmerizing spectacle to start.

Since water is denser than oil, it sinks to the bottom of the container. When you turn on the lamp, it heats up the water which will cause it to rise up and push the oil down. At the top, the water gets colder and will start to retain its heaviness, after which it will sink back down again. This difference in temperatures between the top and bottom portions of the container is what causes this loop.

The bouncing oil inside the lava lamp is mesmerizing. If used today, it would work great as ambient lighting when you place it beside your TV. There are people who have installed such a solution to the rear of their TVs, and it makes for a better watching experience since it balances the intensity of the lights in the room.

Wood Panels

Wood panels back then were a symbol of sophistication. It was used mostly as a design accent for a lot of things before it fizzled out in the ’90s. In a car’s interior, it can be used to frame the stereo system. Externally, if you had a two-tone paint scheme, a wood pattern would be one of those. At home, it has been seen in video game consoles, FM radios, and TVs.

Admittedly, some implementation of wood panels came off as tacky. If it were to be used again today, designers should pair it with the right colors and make it more understated.

Grandfather Clock

One of the classiest ways to tell time and set an alarm is by doing them with a grandfather clock. Its prominent features are its swinging pendulums and large frame. The body’s ornate wood carving design might look out of place in today’s world. If anyone would update the grandfather clock for modern times, they should use different materials and go for a more minimalist look. They can also reduce the bulkiness of the body and make its footprint smaller, but the height should be preserved to keep its identity.


A quilt is a patchwork made out of different pieces of cloth with each part or segment filled with cotton. This makes it a great substitute for your fluffy comforters. Quilts actually have a long history, but today’s fast-paced environment seems to have forgotten about the sentimentality in making them.

It would be good to have a sort of revival for it today as it promotes recycling. People can gather clothes that they are no longer wearing and use them as materials to create them. Not only is making quilts friendly to the environment, but you can also inject your own personality in there too.

Some decors are lost in time and deserve another chance in the spotlight. They just need to be adapted to modern design sensibilities for people to notice them. The past is a great goldmine of inspiration when it comes to making your surroundings beautiful.

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