5 Facts About Permanent Makeup West Hills

What Is Permanent Makeup?

It is a type of cosmetic and medical procedure meant to permanently apply makeup to the client. This can be a time saving procedure or vital—for someone who can’t apply eyeliner on a regular basis or someone wanting to lessen the visibility of a scar, for example. The makeup is typically applied using the same technology as a tattoo, only instead of a heart with the word “Mom” on it, the artist fills in that missing spot on the client’s eyebrow!

Who is this for?

For anyone, really! Reasons to get permanent makeup West Hills are everything from patching in that bit of hair loss on an eyebrow, to saving yourself some time in your daily routine, to a vital procedure for someone with reduced mobility. There are even medical procedures that are designed to conceal scars post surgery!

Where do I get it?

While most of these applications are essentially tattoos, you’re going to want to find a dedicated makeup artist and not necessarily your local tattoo parlor. In West Hills, you’ll want to find an artist like this one. The big things to look for, that this artist has, is a certificate in Medical Micropigmentations and a close working relationship with plastic surgeons or other member of the medical aesthetics community.

Types of Permanent Makeup

  • Eye Makeup

This is by far the most common kind of permanent makeup you can get in West Hills. This procedure is very quick and minimally invasive. The Makeup Artist will first consult with their client about what style of eyebrow is best for them. Options range from a classic, and minimalist look to something more bold and defined. This is a great option for people experiencing hair loss or just anyone tired of their eyebrow running off when they get caught in the rain!

  • Lip Liner 

Lip liner provides definition and shape to thin or otherwise less defined lips. It can also be used to highlight and shape a particular style or blend in a little bit of color.

  • Medical Makeup 

This category is more about restoration than day-to-day makeup. This can be used to blend in an area of abnormal coloration of the skin and can even be used to mitigate cases of Vitiligo. Patients recovering from surgery have also consulted with medical makeup professionals to lessen the visibly of scars and restore the nipple and areola after breast surgery. Some clients find the restorative aspects to be the most empowering when working with a medical makeup specialist.